account_circle by Jill Okpalugo-Nwajiaku
Jill Okpalugo-Nwajiaku studied Pharmacy at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka and currently lives in Richmond, Virginia with her husband. She is extremely interested in any African creative writing that focuses on gender issues. She has been published in online literary magazines like Snap! All Things Girls, Identity Theory, Poetry and Writing, Word Catalyst, St. Something, Splash of Red and Ragazine. Presently, she is working on attaining an MFA in creative writing and her first novel.


Levels Have Changed

Issue No. 155 ~ April, 2010

There is something you must know my dearest cousin Ego. These days I am not only a big idol, but I think and go for stuff that moves me beyond boundaries. Up I have gone till I soar like the pound sterling against the naira.