account_circle by D. S. White
D. S. White has worked on numerous publications, including children's storybooks, textbooks, anthologies and magazines. He teaches high school and loves the short story format. His collection of short stories, The Land of Words, broke the top 50 best seller list on Amazon. The book is a healthy mixture of speculative and literary pieces, showing off his curiosity for all kinds of storytelling. He was born in the mountains but now lives by the sea.


Between the River and the Stars

Issue No. 253 ~ June, 2018

The river rarely froze over, but in 1938 it did. The frigid air from the north covered the land until the mercury dropped to minus nine. They warned us not to cross the ice on foot. Little did we listen. Immigrant kids, we boxed our …

One Oar

Issue No. 246 ~ November, 2017

Charles found the boat stuck in the sand,  after a storm pushed it ashore. The hull solid enough to float. No one came up through the waves calling for it. The way the boy saw it, the boat now belonged to him. Grandfather slept upstairs. …