account_circle by R. A. Rycraft
R.A. Rycraft has published stories, essays, and poetry in a number of journals and anthologies, including PIF Magazine, Perigee, VerbSap, The MacGuffin, and Calyx. Winner of the Eric Hoffer Best New Writing Editor's Choice Award for 2008, Rycraft lives in Sun City, California.

Book Lovers

Crazy Love by Leslie What

Issue No. 137 ~ October, 2008

"There is a lot of fear embedded in some of these stories. Men and women fear spending their lives alone, but also fear the possibility of spending their lives with one another. Often there is potential for companionship within reach, but the character, burdened with the baggage of insecurity, isn't capable of overcoming her fear of closeness."


You Know

Issue No. 109 ~ June, 2006

"The drinks are up for my other tables, so I serve them first -- a couple of giggly soccer moms, yakking over strawberry daiquiris, and this guy that looks like Jack Nicholson -- those evil eyebrows – he's on his fifth vodka martini, straight up, very dry with a twist. Sasha has brought Pudgy and gay guy a basket of oyster crackers, and I take my tray of dirty dishes to the bar before going over."