account_circle by Phyllis Reilly
I am seventy-five years old and have recently returned to writing after a ten-year absence. I started the Croton Writer’s group two years ago and have been working on my memoirs. My poems have appeared in the Croton Review, Poets On, The Hudson Review and other small press magazines. I am currently writing flash non-fiction, short stories and creative non-fiction. A novella that started as creative non-fiction has become a fictional story. Only the Muse knows how it will end. Recent Publications: Flash Fiction Magazine: 2018 May edition Brevity Magazine: 2018 May edition Ponder Review: 2018 June Edition Volume 2 Issue 1



Lillian of the Dark Glasses

Issue No. 254 ~ July, 2018

My mother was evening in Paris; a gold compact with a shattered mirror; the soft face of the moon. She wore faux pearl jewelry in colors that no oyster created. An ex-chorus girl who danced in the living room, singing, “Down among the sheltering palms” …