account_circle by Richard Goodman
Richard Goodman is the author of The Soul of Creative Writing and French Dirt: The Story of a Garden in the South of France. Goodman has written of a variety of subjects for several national publications, including the New York Times, Harvard Review, Vanity Fair, The Writer's Chronicle, Ascent, and the Michigan Quarterly Review. Goodman's essay, "In Search of the Exact Word," appears in the Oxford American Writer's Thesaurus and he wrote the Introduction for Travelers' Tales Provence. He is also the Fine Presses Editor for Fine Books & Collections, for which he writes a regular column. He teaches Creative Nonfiction at Spalding University's Brief Residency MFA Program in Louisville, Kentucky. He also teaches at New York Writers' Workshops and Gotham Writing Workshops, both in New York City.


An Evening with William Burroughs

Issue No. 131 ~ April, 2008

We all got up to leave, and immediately someone was reaching for Burroughs' coat, while someone else went for his hat. After one person had helped him put on his coat and another had given him his hat, he turned to me and said with a wry smile, "Around here, I'm known as 'The Don'."