account_circle by Christian McCulloch
Christian McCulloch is a prolific British writer with a colourful background. He's been an International teacher in British West Indies, Singapore (Principal), Japan and Hong Kong, also 10 years in Special Needs in UK. His artwork was well known in The Portal Gallery, Bond Street, London, also Amsterdam, China, USA, RA (Summer Show 1974) Author/illustrator of Children's stories (Graham Brash Publications). Head of English, Bank of China Training Center for many years, overseeing and writing material for their language courses. (Longmans HK) He now writes full time. He has written 10 novels, 12 novellas and many short stories.


Bloody Walls

Issue No. 274 ~ March, 2020

You could say that this a story within a story within a story. Please understand. I am a novice writer, so I shall tell my story as it comes to me. I have limited resources; one leather-bound notebook, one pen and one bottle of ink …