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Rolf Potts had this to say: "I currently teach English at Dong-Eui College in Pusan, South Korea. I grew up in Kansas, where I appeared on "Romper Room" with my pet tarantula ("Harry") at age five. I went to university in Oregon, where, among other things, I wrote and co-directed a claymation film about a bowl of fruit that comes to life and attacks a still-life painter. My essays have been published in various magazines and newspapers too small or regional for you to be all that impressed. In April, I had a short piece appear in the Wanderlust travel portion of Salon Magazine on-line. "In the Cards" is my first serious venture into short story writing.


In The Cards

Issue No. 13 ~ June, 1998

Outside, the rain had just stopped. The suitcase at Feller’s feet had one-thousand dollars in it. No one in the bus station could tell from looking that the boxy case held his future in neatly wrapped and stacked twenty-dollar bills. He was wearing his best …