account_circle by R. Bremner
R. Bremner has been a cab driver, truck unloader, security guard, computer programmer, and vice-president at Citibank. He has been writing of incense, peppermints, and the color of time since the 1970s, when he appeared in the first issue of Passaic Review, along with Allen Ginsberg and other talents. Ron has never been nominated for any prizes, but has published six books with outlaw and indie presses, and featured at numerous venues, including the Bowery Poetry Club in NYC.


Clay Pigeon

Issue No. 283 ~ December, 2020

A DJ and a female convict were hypnotized by a scorpion that withers, and I can’t get sparks out of my head. It hurts so well when animals don’t let me be misunderstood. A Hamish hawk was unlucky and unlikely when a rocketship from Dixieland …