account_circle by Ronald Sparling
Ronald Sparling is a Canadian writer and photographer who has been based in S.E. Asia for the past 16 years. His stories, articles and photographs have appeared in magazines throughout S.E. Asia and Canada. Currently, Sparling lives in Kuala Lumpur where he teaches photography at Sunway University.



Issue No. 232 ~ September, 2016

It went something like this: Dear Ann: I recently married a mortician. Although I had previously participated in heavy petting, technically, I was still a virgin. On our wedding night my husband told me to soak in a cold bath until my body was frigid. …


Issue No. 222 ~ November, 2015

The bus jolted across the dirt shoulder and skidded to a halt on the blacktop outside the diner where it sat expectantly while the dust caught up in the wheel wells drifted by and settled. The driver pushed hard on the big steel knob and …

All the Useless Things

Issue No. 174 ~ November, 2011

Robin thinks of going to work. Phones his office and tells them he’s sick. They try to sound understanding. Say they hope he’s feeling better by tomorrow. But both he and they are bored with this game.