account_circle by Rohit Chakraborty
Rohit Chakraborty is the author of 'The Mug of Melancholy', the first in a series of five children's novels, which was published by Tara Press in February 2015. His short story “Ella’s Song” was published in Kindle Magazine in its February 2016 issue. Two non-fiction pieces by Chakraborty: an interview with Dr Ananda Lal of India's Writers Workshop, and a report on EndPapers, an archival blog run by English Literature students at Jadavpur University, have appeared in Campus Diaries. In March 2016, he was selected one of the winners in Campus Diaries’ ‘25 Under 25’ in the Writing category. Chakraborty is represented by the Red Ink Literary Agency. He lives in Calcutta with his family and reads English at Jadavpur University since 2014.



Issue No. 232 ~ September, 2016

‘So, I hear that you won’t be shaving your head.’ The crack of the rusk broken into two unequal halves by hand may have awakened the dead. Spirally arranged like collapsed domino tiles on a chipped plate with blue daisies and their silver stems etched …