account_circle by Rachel Remick
Rachel Remick lives in Tampa, where she writes, swims, and cares for dogs. A previous contributor to Pif, her work has also been published in Rosebud, The First Line, and Chicken Soup for The Soul.



Issue No. 298 ~ March, 2022

  I don’t know how old I was the year I came to live with the Macklesons; they took me from outside the Parkers’ house where I was lying alone on the front lawn. They put me in a room with their seven-year-old daughter Serena …


Issue No. 286 ~ March, 2021

  I immediately set the flute of champagne my boss handed me on the top shelf of the computer station. “I don’t drink,” I said, completing the sentence in my mind, especially on the job. “That’s okay.” Archway swished the liquid in her own glass, …

Playing Sandy Duncan

Issue No. 262 ~ March, 2019

I was seven years old when it started with him, the thing he referred to as playing Sandy Duncan. He coined it when he found me sitting on a backyard swing, eating from a box of Wheat Thins. “Sandy Duncan endorses those things,” he said, …

Lost Is Found

Issue No. 225 ~ February, 2016

Lizzie Barrett lost her mother when she was only sixteen. Or at least that was the way everyone told it to each other. “Poor girl,” Lizzie overheard Sister Patricia whisper to Mother Superior Catherine Boyle as she sat crying outside the principal’s office, waiting for …