account_circle by Stuart Mark
Stuart Mark was driven out of Scotland because he doesn't like football (soccer). How now lives in Okotoks, Alberta where his family and a love of writing help to keep him a sane citizen of the corporate world. He has written numerous articles for IT Week magazine in the UK but now devotes all his literary efforts to fiction. Stuart has been published in fillingStation magazine and was shortlisted for the 2010 Freefall magazine short story contest. Most people call him Mark, so he should probably write under a pseudonym.



Issue No. 189 ~ February, 2013

A movie is a good place for a first date as long as both parties respect the boundaries marked by the cup holders. I've been wrapped in arms, had my knees squeezed, my neck massaged, my thigh stroked, even my hair playfully tugged and once a finger seductively pushed - accidentally, I'm pretty sure – up my nose.