account_circle by Whit Coppedge
Whit Coppedge lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. His story "Taqueria" appeared in Pif's October, 1999 Issue.

One on One

Interview with Ken Foster

Issue No. 42 ~ November, 2000

Ken Foster, the author of The Kind I'm Likely To Get, talks about the genesis and growth of the KGB Bar Reading Series, compiling an anthology, and writing in New York without becoming a New York Writer.

Interview with Francisco Goldman

Issue No. 36 ~ May, 2000

Francisco Goldman’s short fiction and journalism have been published in Harper’s, Esquire, The New York Times Sunday Magazine, The New Yorker, Outside, Playboy, Buzz, and Mas. His first novel The Long Night of White Chickens won the Sue Kaufman Prize for First Fiction. The Ordinary …