by Stephanie Smith

Published in Issue No. 208 ~ September, 2014

I sit on the porch,

dangling at the tip

of a humdrum afternoon

I cling for dear life on the

edge of an espresso cup


I flex my thoughts

I stretch and bend

like the light in my eyes

and learn physics by osmosis

beneath the glaring gloom of the sun


Where does the day go, I wonder—

where does it hide—

when night throws it asunder?

Do the scattered pieces run for cover

when the moon’s iron fist appears?


Shall I retreat inside when evening falls,

shroud my mirrors with black curtains,

to mourn the death of the day?

A day that will not missed, after all


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Stephanie Smith's debut poetry collection, "Dreams of Dali", is available from Flutter Press. Her work has appeared in such publications as Strong Verse, Red River Review, Forge, Poetry Quarterly, and Third Wednesday. She lives in Scranton, Pennsylvania.