222 November, 2015

map Macro-Fiction

Airplane Silence

Issue No. 222 ~ November, 2015

“First world problems kiddo,” Dad teases when I complain about my braces as we pull into the school driveway one morning. “I bet Marilyn Monroe had braces at sixteen too. She had the most perfect …

The Importance of Rain

Issue No. 222 ~ November, 2015

She moved through the rain like she was a veteran in the Russian ballet, with the smooth sway of her arms at her sides and her delicate and confident steps amidst the forming puddles. She …


Issue No. 222 ~ November, 2015

The bus jolted across the dirt shoulder and skidded to a halt on the blacktop outside the diner where it sat expectantly while the dust caught up in the wheel wells drifted by and settled. …

The Missing Life

Issue No. 222 ~ November, 2015

The yellow light filtered through the shabby red curtains casting a dirty orange glow. The colour didn’t suit the faded green wallpaper. The upper edges of the wallpaper were peeling away, exposing the black mold …

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