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North of Center

Issue No. 152 ~ January, 2010

We woke to her bedroom door bending with the force of his boot. He drank booze, Paulette said. The word puddled out of her lips and sounded both grown up and baby at the same time. The cow says moo. The Daddy says booze. He kicked the door harder,...

Talking Houses

Issue No. 149 ~ October, 2009

"When I'm in a conspiracy theory mood I argue ducts. I deconstruct the entire house. I blame landlords, realtors, architects, HVAC people, town planners, and mice. There is no telling how high up this thing goes. These are long days."

Remember Guernica

Issue No. 143 ~ April, 2009

"My sister and I are in the small minority of Whites, but I will not adapt. I wear my Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath close to me. I walk the talk, I listen to music, I am the street, the sound, the dirt, the hooded head, the low torn sweatshirt, the sagging pants, I am over six feet and I am every security person's nightmare..."

The Black Pool

Issue No. 137 ~ October, 2008

She lies as she lies in bed sometimes. "It's good, my flat chest," she says sometimes, "I can sleep on my stomach." Sometimes she will sleep on her stomach and her hair will pool around her head just that way. Sometimes it will do just that. And I have seen that.

A Set Theory

Issue No. 133 ~ June, 2008

Of the various possible partitions of humankind, the division between those who swim and those who don't is actually a very well-known one. Levante belongs to the non-swimmers set and when he goes to the seaside he is a spectator. Miranda is a protagonist instead...She simply enjoys swimming and if she was presented with the set theory she wouldn't necessarily understand. "I like sports, that's all."


Issue No. 131 ~ April, 2008

She had skipped her biology lecture to let the man shave her legs and then have sex with her in the Jacuzzi tub. When he came, he bit down hard on her left shoulder, and afterward, she studied the indentations his teeth left in her skin while he dressed. Whether or not they were at his home, he always dressed as soon as they finished.

Different Turns

Issue No. 128 ~ January, 2008

"Denny had risen from the streets of Jersey City to become a successful merchandiser in the garment industry in Manhattan, until he became too rapacious, cut too many corners and the inevitable first indictment came."

Fifteen Dollars

Issue No. 125 ~ October, 2007

"...A voice in my head says: walk away, Bobby, just walk away. But I'm also thinking: what the fuck, take the money and run. Whatever the amount. Isn't that the reason I set out so early, why I walked all morning through dirty Moscow streets -- to make a quick sale?" get home, back to America."

Waiting for the gods to Die

Issue No. 116 ~ January, 2007

"The gods had been sick for a long time. The people could not watch their gods being ill. They packed the few things they had left into bags and began to walk away."

Consulting Fee

Issue No. 106 ~ March, 2006

Ed was chopping carrots and summer squash when Susan came home. She put on an apron and checked the open cookbooks to see what they were making. She took the package of chicken thighs from the refrigerator and started to rinse the pieces in the sink.