local_library A Din That Settles In

by David Sutherland

Published in Issue No. 1 ~ October, 1995

Not the thick lipped moor of
Milan’s finest attraction,
a come of age martyr
spear hoisted as briefcase.

Not the heavy breasted attendant,
plasma in hand,
wide-eyed on the readout,
half gazelle in caricature.

Native, do you remember
espied through rambling forest,
the clerk face-down and trembling,
the croupiers 45.

Sound out, this piecemeal variation
of concerto ala modes,
city lights and boardroom click-clack,
humming bird oration,

and confuse the twitch as grimace
for a random literary strata
of civilized buzzing
and din that settles in.

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David Sutherland is editor of the online magazine Recursive Angel. Over the years he has had the good fortune of seeing his work published in magazines, journals and reviews, including Trincoll Review, Enterzone, Cyberkind, and Kevat of Brigham Young University.