by David Sutherland

Published in Issue No. 1 ~ October, 1995

Sonorous laughter begs
a divine argument for

Of the former,
tenuous hints cast
shadows on broken teeth,
the nasty back-hand,
bruises delirious.
As i write,
no small aberration from
a fathers’ abuse.
And i write,
long verse–escape–intermission…
A caesura of delusional heroes stand
between blows..
(there lies a man, half my metal),
between terse
luxury in the macabre
machine-gun firm,
bellow in the furnace,
the whole listless and impotent

Of the latter,
cerulean skies
fields on meadow,
the tender embrace opening..
this I write.

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David Sutherland is editor of the online magazine Recursive Angel. Over the years he has had the good fortune of seeing his work published in magazines, journals and reviews, including Trincoll Review, Enterzone, Cyberkind, and Kevat of Brigham Young University.