local_library Poetry In Motion

by Sheryl Hanna

Published in Issue No. 1 ~ October, 1995

Poetry is like the distant ringing of a buoy’s bell,
It feels swell,
It guides us into shore yet it is never a bore,

It embraces us and fills us with a higher from of spirituality,
When in reality we’ve been illuded by poetry’s eretheral beauty,
Actually it’s part of poetry’s personality.

At first the motion of our poetry is slow, fragmented and weak,
Then suddenly the words begin to have meaning and literally speak,
Our poetry then picks up speed like a surfer riding on the waves
Of the ocean,
Our poetry then shifts into first gear as it goes into motion.

The more experience a poet gets,
The poems begin to melt the ice, and sheds new light
Like a hot knife cutting through butter,
It gets straight to the core that’s because the words are concise and

Now your work takes on a new meaning instead of hinting at leaning,
Soon we find that the words of the poemss are automatically forming words
In your mind.

To pick up speed and get your literary work into motion
You must first start out slow and then your poems
Will begin to flow as you ride out the waves of the ocean.