local_library Aftermath

by Richard Fein

Published in Issue No. 3 ~ April, 1996

Her lips
are drawn tight.
Her eyes
are turned away.
Sunlight exposes
pimples on our skins
we had not noticed
the night before.
we said
was said
to create the moment
which just ended.
She rises
and opens the blinds.
The morning glare
blinds me.
Her nude form
no longer
lures my eyes,
and she is quickly
gathering her things.
I lie uncovered.
The blanket lies limp
off the side of the bed.

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Richard Fein had this to say about his poem: "The checkout girl in the poem is real. She's someone I flirted with a long time ago. Part of the writing process is storing disparate images in your brain and combining them in interesting ways. This poem is a synthesis of various experiences. The Elvis and UFO articles are also real, but were not simultaneous with my meeting with the girl."