local_library Fabric of a Kiss

by Allison Jenks

Published in Issue No. 3 ~ April, 1996

Young boy
tattooed himself
to my velvet temper,
My untamed parade.

Slapped him with melody
He choked and smiled
in my hedonistic web.

Coma in my lane,
He swam for my height,
Thinking it was all
that kept him from me.

On a day
Any heifer would do,

When an obscure
Light was leaking
From his eyes,

Like some buttery monster,
I granted him a minute
on that vinyl couch.

His dizzy feet came at me
With a swollen breeze.

All I saw were
chaotic scraps of light
And stray, red knots.

My counterfeit kiss
peeled him to the skull.

Nine years of him
packed in a kiss.

He heard parachutes of violins,
Swan beaks insisting love.

I saw a drowsy sow.
Still, my lips tugged him to oblivion.

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Allison Jenks' poems have appeared in : New Orleans Review, Art Times, Wisconsin Review, American Literary Review, and Midwest Poetry Review. She was a James A. Michener fellow, awarded by John Balaban, at the University of Miami's M.F.A. program, where she was Editor In Chief of Mangrove.