Trojan Man Allison Jenks Poetry

local_library Trojan Man

by Allison Jenks

Published in Issue No. 3 ~ April, 1996

Last night I was touched
by an aged, black-eyed
Trojan from the back woods.

He made me fall like a bold faced
Ballet dancer with unclear eyes.

We lit through a sensuous, agonizing fever-
With the optimal balance
of the Big Dipper.

He broke the nauseating script,
Waking my neglected comedy
with October secrets.

Combing through the morning
bonfire with tribal concord.
Wind-chill bit at his semen.
Through the breathy encore
I accepted his release
Knowing the cold injection
would rapture me

Swelling my prolific doubt.

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Allison Jenks' poems have appeared in : New Orleans Review, Art Times, Wisconsin Review, American Literary Review, and Midwest Poetry Review. She was a James A. Michener fellow, awarded by John Balaban, at the University of Miami's M.F.A. program, where she was Editor In Chief of Mangrove.