Back Alley Sharon Hart Poetry

local_library Back Alley

by Sharon Hart

Published in Issue No. 5 ~ October, 1996

Floating in a cemetery of black asphalt.
Kitchen aprons emerge from red brick.
Beaming sparks of shredded light
from amber bulbs.
Wavering homeless flags.
Seductive white garters.
The squeal of copulating engines
fertile in the night.
A dance of metabolic life.
Ant hills crawling
with sweet street sweepers.
I sit
tip the glass.
The siren screams
red mutant generations.
Seashells gasp
on lifeless window ledges.
I weep
electric power tears.
The tender yearning
backdrop of life.
Neon glow of ominous screams
The constrictive movement
of dealers
of fascists
of whores
of the dying young.
The lifeless sperm
of tranquil nods
collapsing veins.
Like highways.
Potholes and
the murky glow of toxins.

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Sharon Hart lives in Lawrence, KS, (Home of William S. Burrows). Originally enrolled at Boston University, she transferred to Kansas University, where she studied English Literature. Sharon Hart's work can also be seen in the on-line zine Artisan.