by Sharon Hart

Published in Issue No. 5 ~ October, 1996

Propelling through the motion of gravity
Like the rest…I spoke of change
None heard me but me.

Mornings came and went, unconscious
Vacant eyes to catch the pain
The lure too strong
And you, my lover, there to support
My habit.

Whispering I love you,
Through the tight grip of your teeth
And once gone, the habit you gave me

I could imagine what it felt like
To change, to move on, to break free
But I reached anywhere but in
Grasping clumps of grass and worthless earth
I slipped as my mind lost touch

Positioned close to the sky without reason.
I grew from a crack in the hard earth.
Looking over the edge was when I noticed
There were reasons to live after all.
I was alone and slowly indifferent
To those voices that held me back.

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Sharon Hart lives in Lawrence, KS, (Home of William S. Burrows). Originally enrolled at Boston University, she transferred to Kansas University, where she studied English Literature. Sharon Hart's work can also be seen in the on-line zine Artisan.