local_library Reflection

by Sharon Hart

Published in Issue No. 5 ~ October, 1996

I gaze from the window
sipping on coffee.
Water slides like glass beads
over the silhouette superimposed on the night.
Coffee lukewarm
and walls repeating flowers
stained and monotonous.
Steam rises as the waitress shifts
to the next table.

I watch you pass by
with swift deliberate movements.
On your way to something… somewhere…
It seems you are unable
to see me from your life.
Yet I could live through this window
through you
clutching to your every move and
never finding what it is that I need.
As you wonder from place to place
I follow and
fill an emptiness with those moments you give.
I watch as you ache for anything but me.

You say you need something
like comfort, like understanding, like me
but sex is your weakness
and love my strength.
I am no longer able to trust, to give, to be there.
Only to watch you pass by
as the window shatters
and you walk away without reflection.

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Sharon Hart lives in Lawrence, KS, (Home of William S. Burrows). Originally enrolled at Boston University, she transferred to Kansas University, where she studied English Literature. Sharon Hart's work can also be seen in the on-line zine Artisan.