by Joel Chase

Published in Issue No. 6 ~ January, 1997

The Saturday evening sky above the K-Mart
    is blue still, rich and deep: the color that tears
        would be if they were blue; tears, after
they’d fallen, and no eyes could know
    whether they’d come from joy or misery.

Inside the store, just about everyone
    is picking out pens, binders, rulers, sacks:
        because the coming Monday is Labor Day,
and this is what people do if they live near-
    and almost everybody does-

a K-Mart, or any other place that stays
    open, and sells late …

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Joel Chase is currently the Poetry Editor for Antietam Review in Hagerstown, Maryland. His poems have appeared in The Seneca Review, Spinning Jenny, Poetry Motel, Pembroke Magazine, and Crazy Horse, among others. Twentieth Century Deaths, a full-length collection of his poetry, was published by Singular Speech Press in 1997.