7 April, 1997

Farewell to Summer

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Cry Freedom, Sing Like a Canary

Issue No. 7 ~ April, 1997

Can South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission ever hope to heal the wounds of apartheid? The roles of politics and justice are such that they will forever remain tangled and inseparable. But while this marriage may be inevitable, it is certainly not palatable. There comes …

Writer’s Cafés of Paris

Issue No. 7 ~ April, 1997

In the 1920’s and 30’s, Hemingway, James Joyce, Ezra Pound and a host of other aspirants went to Paris to live the good life, write and find fame. This tatty group of pseuds, braggarts and bar-flies managed to turn out, in between heavy bouts of …

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Issue No. 7 ~ April, 1997

We were all glitter and flash, still trying to squeeze some cultural juice out of what we thought was a legacy that had been handed to us from that decade just a few years before, not quite heavy metal kids, but more like California mods, …

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