by C.C. Russel

Published in Issue No. nil ~ September, 1997

The cranberry juice twinge

of your

water eyes

blurring into t.v. blues,

you’re on the edge

of his bed

and it’s obvious

you’re still thinking

it was yours

for a while.

A short while.

You’re tired,


above the legal percentage,

seeing everything

in doubles.

You’re staring too hard

too long

and trying not to know

that neither on of him

will ever come


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C.C. Russel lives in Wheatland, Wyoming. Former editor of The Owen Wister Review, Russel now works as a convenience store clerk – a job, we're told, that is highly-suited to literary pursuits. Russel's work has appeared in over 34 publications throughout the U.S., Canada, and England, including: Cotton Gin, Oyster Boy Review, and The Hiram Poetry Review.