local_library Chance Encounters

by April Cooper

Published in Issue No. 10 ~ January, 1998

two heart beats
bump against plastic walls
in a discordant rhythm
section of ambiguity
until a phone line drills
through the wordy silence
and drops itself in our laps
a chance encounter
of poetry
and now we’ve become
mutual muses
a give and take
inspiration fest
turning my world
to pineapple upside down cake
as i lick your icing off my fingers
wondering what gourmet word feast
your lips will spoon feed me tonite
this cradle where your voice
rests between my shoulder
and my ear lulls me into
a lullaby reverie of photographs
behind my eyes
as you take me to the countryside
in France and tour the Louvre
or maybe this time
we’ll travel the landscape
of our bodies
where skin becomes
the undiscovered country
just long enough to kindle
a familiar fire
that i can’t remember feeling before

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April Cooper is an English / Theatre major at Humboldt State University in Northern California. Amazingly enough, these are her first published poems, as she is just becoming comfortable enough with her own work to send it out for editorial perusal. April is also working with multi-media perfomance art, integrating spoken word, creative movement, and sculpture.