local_library Questions

by Paul Kloppenborg

Published in Issue No. 16 ~ September, 1998

If you counted afternoons as fingers
and through dead forests knew the leaf’s sorrow

If you, through tears, made the word in the sky
burst into flower


When the atlas of gardens, cut by the rain,
shuffles its mineral rainbow to other wounds


When, black shoed, you write in naked colours
of twitching stars and trapped songs on branches

& even if the appearance, through the lagoon of blood,
is half-covered with moss, then either:

(a) Judge the light in late November sun as unworthy to your eyes

(b) Let the breeze carry the seed from your fingertips to mine

(c) Fall asleep between shadows, the invisible labyrinths of dream


(d) Chase unknown roads to where once I stood.

Answer: (d)

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Paul Kloppenborg works as a Librarian at a University Library in Melbourne, Australia, when not writing poems. He has seen publication in a number of paper and electronic journals around the world, including Lexicon, Zuzu's Petals Quarterly, Verandah and Free Zone Quarterly. Paul is the Fiction Editor of Recursive Angel and List Administrator of "The Muse", an Internet poetry workshop.