local_library Loving in the Morning

by Dave Gitomer

Published in Issue No. 18 ~ November, 1998

before the sleep torn silent dawn
shadows of moonbeams streak
after the exiting midnight
and the stars disappearance
lurks the specialist time
of fantasies emoted
of realities pressed
where every lover knows
spawned in the whisper of the dew
birthed in the rustle of the sheets
praised in the deep silence
massages turn manifested
even the crickets muse
and the birds announce
aroused in subtle desire
sensual surroundings
where massage matures
nothing is naughty
fanciful flesh yearns
and becomes satiated
in soft moans and groans
candy kisses, tender touches
where nothing ends, the lovers merge
and then hold on forever, this moment
naked as the day they were born
and smile, unashamed, greeting the dawn

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David Gitomer began writing poetry 3 years ago, teaching himself the craft. His work has appeared in The Moon at Noon, Reflections on an Icy Pond. Additionally, he has self-published a chapbook with graphics called Secrets of the Orient or Coping Through Life Via Poetry. In addition to writing, he perfoms his poetry and has twice been on Galinski's GO POETRY! channel, has read and been featured in Borders Book Stores on Long Island, NY, under the auspices of the Long Island Performance Poets Association, and has contributed to a CD-ROM by Kurweil's Technology on how to write poetry.