The Gardener's Shears Viesta Barker Poetry

local_library The Gardener’s Shears

by Viesta Barker

Published in Issue No. 19 ~ December, 1998

September gives way to Winter
And all novel substances will fade,
In that you will find an ulcer in the rose
And the tall grass lays fragile,
And the moon will get bruised,
and the sun become swollen,
And the flowers will cry when plucked,
For cracked stems do bleed,
And the harvesters’ tools
will remain perpetually sharp,
Here, where love is extended
to our mortality, you will seek me
only to find
I kneel in crushed grass
as I press wounded petals to my lips
Awaiting the gardener
who’ll slide shears along my soul
as he seperates the seasons of me

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Viesta Barker had this to say: "I am Viesta, a person of the world, I write poetry as my journal as to how I see Life every day of my being. Poetry is an expression of the human emotions, along with the good, bad and indifferent. I write, as do many, no one person's style being the same, for none of the adventures or expressions of poets can ever be the same. I am the very skin I awaken in each day, taking it as it comes and feeling deep within the core of my soul."