local_library How I Am Going To Die

by Patty Mooney

Published in Issue No. 22 ~ March, 1999

Off the curve of expressway
in my smithereen car.
I am to desert my body at the moment
of raucous dismemberment.
I am to let go the wheel, all guilts
and poison-pen driving.
I am to forget
thoughts of salmon for dinner
or egg salad. A book after
or loveplay. These plans
will be redistributed.

Have someone snap a photo
of the wreckage,
the spray of red
paint from my bug on the dividers,
an approximation of miscalculation,
and me, the same as ever,
only alone for good.

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Patty's poem have appeared online at Eclectica, Pogonip, Barking Spider, A Little Poetry, Neologue and Paper Box. Her poems have also been published in hard copy in Red Cedar Review, Altadena Reveiw, Zip Code 92107, and Moving Out.