local_library Apocrypha

by Steven Fernier Lee

Published in Issue No. 27 ~ August, 1999

red rover red rover let brian come over
and fall on his back in a trance in the clover
and tell us strange stories and do a few lines
and paint us wet pictures and trick us a sign

konquest and kar krash and karrier pigeons
bastard eyes flags for the leatherclad legions
drugs shaped like snowflakes and pamphlets and warp drive
and eating the carry-on and should we go live?

cybersects massacres and is this a rumor
and is this about sex and could this be a tumor
and do you know who dwight frye is? and am i prosthetic
mildew and madness and a dark new aesthetic

i like that white lipstick and have you heard of levi?
alchemy alchemy with nothing to go by
lighter to glass and the color is wrong
riddle me, riddle me, add up the songs