28 September, 1999

pages Micro-Fiction

Writing the Blue Book

Issue No. 28 ~ September, 1999

This book I’m writing. The cover I have down. The cover will be something to behold. That much is certain. The cover was my neighbor’s idea. My neighbor is helping me with this book. I lie on his floor, talking talking talking about the book, …

In There

Issue No. 28 ~ September, 1999

Three weeks before his fatal heart attack, Gavin’s body began to send him intimations of its faulty inner workings, never enough to cause him any pain or even to make him alarmed – only extremely aware that there were things he couldn’t see in there, …

The Shakes

Issue No. 28 ~ September, 1999

My son is coming off drugs and has the shakes. Today in the restaurant, he has trouble with utensils. He is having the House Special Noodles in Soup. Shaky chopsticks catch nothing. He tries the plastic Chinese spoon and splashes the soup. People are watching. …

portrait One on One

Interview with Jhumpa Lahiri

Issue No. 28 ~ September, 1999

The author of Interpreter of Maladies talks about her new collection of stories and the transculture roles of her vibrant and well-crafted characters.

map Macro-Fiction

An Old Story

Issue No. 28 ~ September, 1999

This is an old story, told before but in different form. It was called a funny story once, because it had jokes in it, and funny pictures. Whether it is indeed a funny story will have to be decided again by each person who reads …

Fun & Games

Issue No. 28 ~ September, 1999

A man with a shovel opened the screen door. He walked in the path of light from the door for fifteen steps before he handed the guy standing at the edge of the mowed field the plastic bag. Their shadows went deep into the dark …


Issue No. 28 ~ September, 1999

I got in the tub around 9:00 or so this morning, before I was properly awake. I sat there in the tepid water in perfect silence until I could no longer stand to look at my body magnified through the overcast bathwater. For a bit, …

Lousy Presents

Issue No. 28 ~ September, 1999

Trudy wants gifts. Her father buys her two souvenirs at the Traveland off Highway 10 in Jackson, Mississippi. A cute miniature ink well and a wall plaque with the protruding head of a Mississippi mule. Trudy starts to bawl when she sees these gifts. Trudy …