import_contacts Royal Journal

reviewed by Tom Hartman

Published in Issue No. 50 ~ July, 2001

A Webby award-winner for humor that’s steeped in NY flavah, Royal
features some less than flattering
pictures of participants in the annual Feast of San Gennaro in NYC’s
Little Italy. Funnier still is the assortment of electronic “breakup”
cards (one of which features a pair of skunks and the caption “maybe
we should see other people”) and “Bazooka Jew”: editor Jack
Szwergold’s collection of Bazooka Joe comics in Hebrew. Joe Garden,
the second half of Royal Journal‘s editorial team, contributes
unapologetically bloke-ish “food reviews” that focus only on
establishments that serve meatloaf or biscuits and gravy.

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Tom Hartman has been a regular contributor to Pif since 1999. He lives in Philadelphia.