50 July, 2001
[syn: {awareness}] is panel seven from The Pi Process by Ted Warnell – © 2001

[syn: {awareness}]

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Issue No. 50 ~ July, 2001

It was a time when vegetation grew at an astounding rate. We trudged home through waist-high weeds, blinded by dandelion fuzz. Ivy slithered up the walls as we watched. Leaves slipped under screens and pressed against the glass like human hands. We slept. We woke …

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Provinces of Night

Issue No. 50 ~ July, 2001

A man nearing the end of a murderous quest — to hunt down and kill his wife’s lover — pauses on the brink of action. He can carry out the plan he’s made, he realizes, but what will he do then? He is “at the …

The Well

Issue No. 50 ~ July, 2001

In the beginning was The Well… While Katie Hafner doesn’t begin the story of “the seminal online community” this biblically, her tale of The Well is nothing less than a creation myth. Woven into her account of visionary — and not so visionary — businessmen …

The Downstream Extremity of the Isle of Swans

Issue No. 50 ~ July, 2001

If poetry volumes were ranked like ski slopes, I’d list Mary Jo Bang’s The Downstream Extremity of the Isle of Swans as a black diamond: it’s not for the poetry beginner. Bang has some exquisite lines, and if you like associative poetry, you’ll adore her. …

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The Art of Windows

Issue No. 50 ~ July, 2001

My mother, a painter, once sketched me an eight-pane window looking out on a garden. Just above her signature, she inscribed a dedication along with a tag-line: “We get to do the windows.” The sketch, which hung on my bedroom wall beside my actual window …

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Rick Moody

Issue No. 50 ~ July, 2001

Rick Moody was declared by The New Yorker to be one of the most talented American writers under forty at the turn of the century. His first novel, Garden State (1992), won the Pushcart Press Editor’s Choice Award. Two years later, he published The Ice …

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The Gift

Issue No. 50 ~ July, 2001

I decided to leave on the day I was given a baby with my bottle of vodka. On a dark January morning we stood waiting in line under the high, blank wall of the factory, under the tall chimney that meant so much to us. …

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