From A Sonnet By Luigi Tansillo (1510-1568) Martin Bennett Poetry

local_library From A Sonnet By Luigi Tansillo (1510-1568)

by Martin Bennett

Published in Issue No. 51 ~ August, 2001

Love, having feathered my wings, the mere thought

of you provides engine and thrust – Whoosh!

There I am steadily gaining altitude,

Micro-lighting towards heaven’s gate.

Small wonder if, peering down, I feel nervous –

And then that thought radios me: ‘An air-

crash is what you fear? Well, here goes. Prepare,

though all’s not lost. Far from it. Icarus,

whom desire propelled likewise, has now got

however many miles of sea named

after him for flying where the sun’s too hot.’

Of me people too can say, ‘This fellow aimed

at the stars. His mission has failed…So what?

His life may be cut short, but he had heart…’


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Martin Bennett was educated at St Catherine's College, Cambridge University. A book of his poems, Loose Watches, has been published by Salzburg University Press.