53 October, 2001
Cal`cu*la”tion is panel six from The Pi Process by Ted Warnell – © 2001


portrait One on One

Interview with Victor Rangel-Ribeiro

Issue No. 53 ~ October, 2001

Victor Rangel-Ribeiro, born in Goa, India in 1925 when it was still a Portuguese colony, is the author of Tivolem, published by Milkweed Editions in 1999. The novel was awarded the Milkweed National Fiction Prize, and Booklist, the influential journal of the American Library Association, …

book Book Lovers

The Other Side of Eden

Issue No. 53 ~ October, 2001

The Other Side of Eden is a puzzle of a book, by turns engrossing and dull, insightful and preachy. In it, Hugh Brody examines hunter-gatherer cultures, individually and in general, and looks at how these societies coexist — and, more often, clash — with the …

What Happened to the Miracle

Issue No. 53 ~ October, 2001

I began Meri Robie’s first novel with some trepidation. The book began with an overpowering prose style to punch-up what seemed like a very standard plot. A young professional mother looks for a suitable place to raise her son. The young family looking for a …

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map Macro-Fiction

Light and Shadow

Issue No. 53 ~ October, 2001

It’s a bright gray afternoon, air vivid and bristling with that light just before a snowstorm. The salt on the sidewalk sparkles beneath Alex’s boots. The rush hour sounds fade as she heads north, cutting across the huge park that bisects the city. An oasis …

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