54 November, 2001
pl. {Hypotheses} is panel eight from The Pi Process by Ted Warnell - © 2001


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Free Speech and the End of the World

Issue No. 54 ~ November, 2001

Mario Savio is dead at the age of fifty-three. Winded while moving his furniture into his new home in San Francisco, he sat down at the kitchen table and had a massive coronary. His wife told us at the funeral that he had seemed embarrassed …

portrait One on One

Interview with Dan Zanes

Issue No. 54 ~ November, 2001

Dan Zanes grew up in New Hampshire, a self-described “Yankee WASP.” In 1981, at the age of 20, he moved to Boston and, with bassist Tom Lloyd, founded the Del Fuegos, a band that also featured brother Warren Zanes on guitar and Woody Geissman on …

Nathalie Handal

Issue No. 54 ~ November, 2001

Rachel Barenblat: Tell me a little bit about yourself and your background. Nathalie Handal: I grew up in Europe, the United States and the Caribbean. My grandfather was born in Bethlehem and emigrated to the West in the early twentieth century, and my parents mainly …

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Issue No. 54 ~ November, 2001

The art is in the execution. Three or four players are optimal, but in a pinch, two are sufficient to perpetrate the game. The key here, as in so many things, is to play swiftly and assuredly, for expertise is its own enchantment and disguise. …

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Loving Pedro Infante

Issue No. 54 ~ November, 2001

Loving Pedro Infante tells the story of Teresina Ávila, or Tere, a divorced thirtysomething teachers’ aide in Cabritoville, New Mexico. Tere has a mother who’s always there for her, a best friend she can tell anything to, a string of romantic failures, and mixed feelings …

The Poetry of Arab Women

Issue No. 54 ~ November, 2001

The Poetry of Arab Women, edited by Nathalie Handal, came across my desk some months ago. I was impressed; it’s an extremely thorough collection, featuring a wide range of Arab women poets from around the world. I thought it was an good book, and figured …

Sailing Alone Around the Room

Issue No. 54 ~ November, 2001

The publication of Billy Collins’ new and selected poems comes only about a month after his appointment as Poet Laureate of the U.S. for 2001-2002 and a little more than a decade since the publication of The Apple That Astonished Paris, the first of four …