local_library Henry’s Fantasy

by Linda McCauley Freeman

Published in Issue No. 65 ~ October, 2002

Smearing her upright and naked body
with fresh pesto, he glared at her

Dying with desire, she glowered back
and only the fact of her husband in the next room
kept her from crying out

or falling at his feet screaming
you are the man made to lick me
last in me beyond
what I think I can endure
denying nothing except the husband
in the next room

sullen, picking at the buffet
wondering where his wife went off to
when they could get out of this party
the room crashing around him
How can I get out of here? he wonders
When can I go home?

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Linda McCauley Freeman (formerly Linda Mytych) was poet-in-residence for the Putnam Arts Council for two years and has been featured poet at many art centers, bookstores and cafes. She has an MFA in Writing and Literature from Bennington College and is the communications director for a worldwide firm. Her work has appeared in Girls: An Anthology by Global City Press, and other publications. She is married to the novelist, Chester Freeman. Linda tells us she wrote this poem " after reading Jon Berryman's Dreamsongs My idea here was to put Henry in the 1990's."