local_library Outside Your Host

by C.C. Russel

Published in Issue No. 65 ~ October, 2002

Sticks scrape a rhythm

to years ago,

some small part of you maybe still.

You remember his name

he knows.

Not much else,

he thinks.

You stare at dark nothings.

You could still call,

shrink time

a bit

in the oven

of your room.

You could pull it down

to size,

widen his breath

and eyes,

but you drop,


for an hour

to music he taped

and sleep


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C.C. Russel lives in Wheatland, Wyoming. Former editor of The Owen Wister Review, Russel now works as a convenience store clerk – a job, we're told, that is highly-suited to literary pursuits. Russel's work has appeared in over 34 publications throughout the U.S., Canada, and England, including: Cotton Gin, Oyster Boy Review, and The Hiram Poetry Review.