96 May, 2005
Two Men and a Woman by Martijn Slettenhaar

"Two Men and a Woman" © 1998 - Martijn Slettenhaar

Two Men and a Woman

perm_identity From the Editor

Piffing Again

Issue No. 96 ~ May, 2005

Derek spent an energizing weekend at the Vancouver AWP Conference making new friends for Pif. I am so glad he did.

portrait One on One

Diana Joseph

Issue No. 96 ~ May, 2005

One of my writing teachers, Michael Martone, wrote this hilarious little brochure called "Rx," which was a list of "rules" for writing. I remember one rule was "You can never say too little about the color of a character's eyes."

Sven Birkerts

Issue No. 96 ~ May, 2005

For a very long time, from about 1973 until the mid-1980s, bookstores were right at the center of my life -- my employment, my social life, and the mill for my reading and writing obsessions. I had bookstores instead of grad-school.