142 March, 2009

portrait One on One

Pam Uschuk

Issue No. 142 ~ March, 2009

"...Almost too late, I learned to love my mother. Sometimes taking care of her constant needs felt like an imposition, but I've come to understand that it was also a huge gift I'm still unwrapping. I've written about her in poetry and prose, and I continue to untangle the web of my knotty childhood."

Greg Herriges

Issue No. 142 ~ March, 2009

"...While my students were dying in gang fights, I had to enter a numerical symbol next to each dead student's name... A big "L" meant the student had left the system. A little "l" meant the student had been transferred to another class in the school. "99" meant you'd been capped, hacked, and stacked, Jack. It was enough to make you sick."