143 April, 2009

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Remember Guernica

Issue No. 143 ~ April, 2009

"My sister and I are in the small minority of Whites, but I will not adapt. I wear my Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath close to me. I walk the talk, I listen to music, I am the street, the sound, the dirt, the hooded head, the low torn sweatshirt, the sagging pants, I am over six feet and I am every security person's nightmare..."

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The Watchmen

Issue No. 143 ~ April, 2009

"The thematic questions of the book are what make it beat with life, but the complexity of the story - with comic books within comics, three time periods (or none if you're Dr. Manhattan) and multiple settings - makes it truly postmodern in its ability to deconstruct both time and space while still holding a single, primary storyline..."

Another Country Stories by Nicholas Rothwell

Issue No. 143 ~ April, 2009

"A heady analyst of the world around him, [Rothwell is] overly fond of flashing his intelligence forward in the odd word certain to send you to a dictionary. His sense of other people's voices also jars, as if everyone is gifted with the Queen's English and a perfect philosophical riposte."