153 February, 2010
“Beach Trace” by Michael Filimowicz – © 2009

Beach Trace

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No generic doctor for me

Issue No. 153 ~ February, 2010

"...I remember debating Dr. Nacht, using my own personal logic to challenge the so-called medical experts. I thought I successfully discovered a loophole, or at least an interesting observation, when the acceptable cholesterol level was lowered from 250 to 200 by the medical authorities,... in one night literally millions of folks went to bed with acceptable cholesterol levels, only to awaken in the morning with high cholesterol levels which needed to be treated."

person_pin Essay


Issue No. 153 ~ February, 2010

"...Age, I am discovering, is a process of memory rather than actuality, and it is memory that sustains the image of the self and prop up our bones and their cultural positioning, and also takes us thru squalor & innocence down the road of reincarnative fantasies; of course, this is an unfinished piece,..."

map Macro-Fiction

Class Action

Issue No. 153 ~ February, 2010

...Gilbert did not believe in saints. He believed some people were born with a great capacity to empathize and others with none and others with so much that they were run over like the dog by a mechanism beyond their understanding. God, if there was one, had established the operating principle of the future: Those with the least responsibility would bear the most.

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