local_library Sticking Point

by Sophia Kraemer-Dahlin

Published in Issue No. 163 ~ December, 2010
Honey dripping, caramel.

There is no maximum volume of a meal.

          How the comb became so noisy

When the two sat on angry sides of the table,

          eating, teeth sticking, jaws

exhausting.          But one arm reached

across the table,

lit with grapes,      o marvel, each pegged

somehow, unrolling,        there

for the reconciliatory

          tongue,       the penitent tongue

          to unhinge.

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Sophia Kraemer-Dahlin is a writer and translator from California. She has a poem coming up in foam:e, and more and more and more of her writing can be found at http://mightierthans.wordpress.com, which is a pun, p.s.