164 January, 2011

portrait One on One

Amy King

Issue No. 164 ~ January, 2011

The city thrilled, though. I loved the energy, the vastness, the arts in spades, the various accents, the dirt, the clash of unplanned architecture, how scenesters eclipsed but artists could be found on the right beer swilling night in some seedy cheap bar, etc.

Heather Whinnen

Issue No. 164 ~ January, 2011

Heather Whinnen is a performer and teacher of aerial arts. She's been practicing ballet since kindergarten and has traveled the world performing. She currently lives and works in Seattle

new_releases Creative Nonfiction

Saturday Afternoon Games

Issue No. 164 ~ January, 2011

In less time than it took for me to look to the ground for more ammunition, Ricky had launched two dirt clods back at me: one hitting me in the thigh, the other smacking me in the center

local_library Poetry

map Macro-Fiction

The Way of It

Issue No. 164 ~ January, 2011

For fifteen years, I have trained to kill the old man. I am good with a knife and can ooze my way through a dark room, but there is a ritual to uphold, the ritual the old man learned from his teacher.

pages Micro-Fiction

Good Fences

Issue No. 164 ~ January, 2011

He handed her the medicine and they sat down. After she lit one she handed it to him. She only ever let him take a couple puffs because she was afraid his mother would stop bringing


Issue No. 164 ~ January, 2011

"Nothing would be the same," I lamented. "You have certain periods in your life that are very good, and you should have been happier, but by the time you realize that, they're gone"


Issue No. 164 ~ January, 2011

“One hundred and twelve degrees! It’s just unbelievable out there!” she said.

book Book Lovers

Quick Fall of Light

Issue No. 164 ~ January, 2011

From asteroids and comets with ‘Earth or Bust’ tattooed on their underbellies, to stories of super volcanoes and earthquake storms, the Grand Narrative of our end always seems to draw

perm_identity From the Editor

A long overdue lunch with Sidney Offit

Issue No. 164 ~ January, 2011

I was at lunch recently with my friend, the acclaimed historian and novelist, Thomas Fleming, and his friend Sidney Offit, the best writing teacher I ever had, when I took a course with him at the New School on W.12th Street in Manhattan after suffering …