171 August, 2011

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Lou Rowan

Issue No. 171 ~ August, 2011

Lou Rowan is the author of the novel, My Last Days (Chiasmus Press, 2007), and the short story collection, Sweet Potatoes (Small Press Distribution, 2008). He's currently finishing another novel, in the mystery form.

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Issue No. 171 ~ August, 2011

I never run on release; I duck and cover. This is how I was taught to handle emergency situations like earthquakes and nuclear attacks in elementary school.


Issue No. 171 ~ August, 2011

It wasn’t ‘til late that night after he got hit that I decided on bringing Sidney back to life. I’d been playing around with the idea my whole life – cutting worms into two pieces and watching them wriggle on both ends like a magic trick God come up with just for me.

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Issue No. 171 ~ August, 2011

Then she dreamed she was in the yard again, and the wind swept across it and blew down a rain that grew the grass as quick and high as buckwheat, and bowed it low.

The Death of Caesar

Issue No. 171 ~ August, 2011

RC kicked back with an Iron City Beer, listened to all this hog talk from beneath his mop of ratty hair. His eyes never settled and were always peering in from just outside the local time.