local_library War Story # 43: Search for Kidnap Victims, Radwaniyah, Iraq

by Paul David Adkins

Published in Issue No. 177 ~ February, 2012

The Soldiers found rocks

and a sleeping man

chained to engine blocks.


He’ll run off, the uncle sighed.

What would you suggest?


He used to swear, piss

in the house, growl at the guests.


He’s slipped off ropes, smashed

bedrooms where he slept.

We built a hut, collared his neck . . .


Startled awake, he leapt


at the Soldiers. Anchored chain

yanked him back. He fell


and whimpered. Men laughed.

Slacking links tinkled — tiny bells.

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Paul David Adkins grew up in South Florida and lives in New York.